Lyme Flares

It’s that time of year again. Well, actually there are two of those ‘times of the year’ which I really dread. It got warm one weekend this March and I shot a 23 and a 24 over at Grand Island for League. I was also able to use that time to test out some of the reload formulas that Gary made up. I think we settled on one that I can live through handicap events without hurting and that he can shoot too. But then it got cold again and my body took the shock.

See, the time of year I dread are the weather changes. The times of the months where it goes from warm to cold (September-Octoberish) and the time it goes from cold to wam (March-Aprilish). For some reason my Lyme disease seems to flare up a lot more often and a lot more worse than normal during these times. I’ve had quite a few Lyme flare ups recently and boy have they been bad. 

I’m still looking forward to the warmer weather and my poor health hasn’t kept my spirits down from thinking about ATA shooting and traveling. But, with the warmer weather coming, especially to my fellow shooters who spend their time outdoors (and to those who frequent the ‘Cicero Swamp’, the NYS homegrounds) I want to take the time to caution everyone about ticks. Lyme disease is an awful disease and a controversial one. In my case, I’ve seen doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist and still face the health setbacks I’ve got now. With each new flare it seems like it’s getting worse too. I’d like to believe that’s just me getting tired of having them. The emotional wear is just staggering-most people who’ve faced the horrors of our medical system know just what I am referring to.

Anyways. . . Like I said. Just be on the lookout for those little buggers. They carry a nasty disease.

As of today, in one month exactly it will be Sheridan Transit’s first local ATA. I feel I’m no where near prepared as far as handicap goes and I still want to work on doubles before the time comes. I’ve been working with the wall chart while I can, though I’ve gotten some grief from some guys at the club for it, but I keep on trucking along.

Sorry for the lack of updates. The off season is really boring.

Mada Mada Dane



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My name is Taylor and my passion is trap shooting. Up until June 5th 2009 I had been very anti-gun, until I realized that I had never shot one before so I had no right to be a hater. I shot a shotgun at my first clay bird and fell in love with the sport. As much as I wish I started this blog 3 years ago, better late than never as I chronicle my shooting days and my quest for a hundred straight.
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